Customer Testimonials

Some facts about our client base:

  • Some of our clients have been working with us since 2002.
  • For the contracted user, we provide a 120-day 100% unconditional money back guarantee. In the last 15 years, we have never had a client asked for their money back.

What Our Clients Say

Jalisa Fowler

Jexet is always on call, they’re there whenever we need them. Jexet is Always There for Us and Keeps Our Technology Up to Date!

We love Jexet better than any of the other IT companies because they’re always on call, they’re there whenever we need them, they understand our language with terms and things we need, they keep us up with technology and they are just the best. And I would recommend this company to anyone."

Administrative Assistant, Jelly Bean Learning Center

Dan Winter

They listen well and problem solve better. Our monthly charge is a bargain for the total peace of mind Jexet has given us on the IT front.

Chicago Winter Company is a 10-year old company and we went through two IT companies prior to finding Jexet. Company No. 1 had a first rate senior manager but an available staff decidedly not up to that level. Following a disastrous weekend IT meltdown, we decided it was time to shop around. Company No. 2 had a polished salesman and a beautifully designed website but their model was based entirely on speed of discharging support requests. There was no follow-up or continuity of service and we were constantly putting out fires, most of the IT company’s making. We ended up spending a lot of money on very poor service followed by elegantly worded excuses on their part.

We met Daniel when he was marketing our building. His intelligence and integrity were obvious but he had also looked into our business and kept our unique model in mind. Despite our small size, we had huge data needs and an out-of-town schedule that included evenings and weekends. Within weeks, Jexet had reconfigured our IT infrastructure in an elegant and rock solid way. Problems disappeared except for the occasional disruption – blocked emails or a hacked website. Every one of our emergencies instantly became theirs. We have always experienced Jexet as one of our team.

Disposition may not be in the job description but Roy, Kevin and Daniel all have calm and competent demeanors that prove indispensible in panic mode. They listen well and problem solve better. Our monthly charge is a bargain for the total peace of mind Jexet has given us on the IT front."

Owner, Chicago Winter Company Chicago

Dr. Michael Marcus

My Customer Service Has Gone Up Tremendously. I Can Focus On Taking Care Of My Patients Rather Than To Be an Office Expert.

By using the Jexet Technology as our IT consultants has helped us to stay on that cutting edge of technology necessary to outpace the competition. Previously, our network was being taken care of by a dental software company. At the time we first called CCC , we were experiencing several problems with the service we were given by the other company, namely unreliable service and unpredictable techs that came to our office who were not necessarily focused on correcting the problems we were experiencing. The single biggest reason that we decided to sign up with your service was because we needed a company who would be dedicated to both our hardware and software problems. This is important to us because as much as we hate to admit it, our computers are just as important to us as our dental drills and other tools we use around the office. We need our network up and running, or otherwise we can’t run.

The single biggest benefit that we have experienced with Jexet Technologies is that now, we can focus on taking care of our patients rather than running around taking care of computer problems. The level of our customer service has gone up tremendously. We are sure that this comes through to our customers, whether it's on the phone or in person.

My dad and I would highly recommend to anyone in business to use Jexet to maintain their computers because they are reliable and you can depend on them to be there when you need them. Now, I no longer have to be the “office expert” when it comes to computers breaking down. I also have an increased enjoyment of doing my work… and it shows! If you want to remove the frustration of day to day operations involving your computers, call Jexet now. You can depend on them to take your business to the next level."


Kathi Deahl

They deliver what they promise when they promise it. When they explain something to us, they don’t talk down to us. They talk to us like they really want us to know what they’re talking about. They’re very reliable technicians.

We have been with Jexet for approximately three and a half to four years. I’m very, very happy with their service, both customer and otherwise. They deliver what they promise when they promise it. When they explain something to us, they don’t talk down to us. They talk to us like they really want us to know what they’re talking about. They’re very reliable technicians and I highly recommend this as your IT Company."

Benjamin and Shapiro

Rebecca Beem

Jexet is Very Responsible and Helps Us Focus on Our Core Business!

We’ve been working with Jexet for about two years now. They came at a time when I was very frustrated with our current IT provider. We were a little too small for them. They didn’t have the time to support us in the way we needed to be supported. Jexet has been very responsive. They’ve always helped us with any hardware needs, software needs or user training and we do use a lot of packages for new technology and our users have to be up to speed on that technology and our systems have to work. We have clients across the country and around the world so we rely on reliable access to our system and to communications everywhere.

Jexet has been a help to us in many areas, not only being responsive to us when we’re in trouble or need help but also giving us a feeling of total care. We know we can call them about anything and they will respond to us, just as clients come to us with their inventions to get a patent on new technology. We have to listen to them, we have to be responsive to what they’re saying and then we have to apply our skills to give them the best services in patent law. Jexet does the same for us. They hear us when we have a problem or an issue or when we need to be moving forward in our technology and they support us in giving us the tools we need to be able to help give people get patents on their inventions."

Operations Manager, Beem Patent Law

Frank Kasper

Jexet Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Get my Server up in 5 Minutes!

Jexet came to me with a great solution for all our locations where we were able to back up our data on a regular basis. We even have an option in place where our data is backed up every five minutes. We also had a domain controller which actually went out of service a month after we partnered with Jexet. They were able to restore the server within a reasonable half-hour period a time. Now, we didn’t have a VM-ware server, or VM-ware servers. We did have them restored and those take about five minutes to restore so basically their backup and restore solutions are A+. I recommend Jexet for their backup solutions only because they have the experts in the field to come up with solutions that are not only cost-effective but are really reasonable time to restore in large networks. We have had a really good relationship with them and we are moving into other disaster-recovery-type programs, like in the cloud services and some other services that can get our offices and keep our offices up and running at all times.”

IT Director
Taxi Affiliation Service

Attorney Ernesto D Borges Jr.

With over 25 years practicing experience, we’re sure that it is necessary to have a dependable computer firm to keep us up and running. JEXET has tremendously improved our efficiency of our office and optimized our website. JEXET has been very instrument

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jexet and I just wanted to tell people out there who are watching this video that they are simply the greatest IT company that I have ever encountered.

I’ve had a number of IT people working in my office over the years and I’ve had numerous problems and a lack of response on many occasions. I can say that Jexet just, I can’t give it enough accolades. Daniel and his crew are just superb. They’re always there. They have a quick response when you have a problem. We have three offices in the Chicago-land area.

We are all connected through the Internet. All of our phones ring at the same time. The computers are all connected to one another so it’s very important that our computer system is up and running at all times. We have had some problems that I think other IT people might not have been able to solve but I can say that the crew at Jexet has worked hard, diligently no matter what the problem is, they’re there to help you at any time of day, night, weekends, what have you. It is uncommon to find a company that is as helpful as they are, a company that understands the concerns that an active and much burdened law firm has from time to time.

We’ve got a lot of offices, a lot of people that we employ, a lot of computers, people who connect from home. There are just numerous problems. Viruses pop up of course and they keep our system clean. We don’t worry about virus problems that can shut you down. I just can’t say enough, they’re just wonderful people and I hope that you give them a shot, give them a chance to show what they can do for you and your company to expand your company. And they’re always helping to improve. When something changes, technology changes, there are improvements out there, they will come into the office and say, “This is the latest. This is the newest. You might want to consider…” I mean I’ll just give an example. The cloud, I wasn’t familiar with what the cloud was, what the cloud can do and Daniel Wang came in and showed us this new cloud technology. I’ve got an iPad and then I’ve got other computers and it’s so convenient to hook up anywhere at anytime to my servers and my computer system.

So I appreciate the company that always keeps me on the edge, the leading edge. And if you have any concerns or you want to talk to me directly, feel free to call me and I’ll tell you in an extended conversation just how wonderful this company is."

Owner of Bill Busters

Dr. Albert F Gruber

Jexet Technologies Is Always There And Watching Out My Computers And Network For Me Which Brought My Total Peace Of Mind.

I have had my dental practice for almost 25 years in South Holland, Illinois. Our Office do implants, whitening, bridge work and dentures. I also have advanced training in orthodontics including the new in visa line techniques. I was using several part-time IT persons who were referred by my family and friends before getting to know Jexet Technologies. Basically, those IT guys did an adequate job. However, as my practice grew, I need more than “adequate “to run my business efficiently, my needs increased which required a more professional & reliable service.

I benefited & learned a lot from the Free Network Check up that Jexet Technologies offered us. I simply found out that I wasn’t covered for backing up my data, monitoring my system and avoiding internet problems. I could only used thumb drives to back up my data and I didn’t realize what a big chance that I was taking in losing my data. Besides, most of the time I found myself frustrated because the other IT guys would show up on week-ends or whenever they wanted. Sometimes, I would try to fix problems myself, taking up a great deal of time.

The single biggest reason that I decided to sign up was that I could not afford to lose any data and that I needed to have constant monitoring of my system. Even one day of lost data could result in several frustrating days of trying to put my office back together again. Every aspect of our office depends on us keeping good and accurate records and being able to retrieve those records at a moment’s notice. JEXET made me aware of things problems that I could avoid which I wasn’t aware of until they described their action plan for my office network. The biggest benefit that I have gained thus far is simply that finally, I have peace of mind. I know this because of your constant emails & contacts concerning the health of my system. It lets me know that JEXET is always there and watching out for me.

My employees are also very pleased because if they have any problem, your staffs is prompt in coming out to take care of it. This gives me an even further peace of mind that necessary to run my practice. I would recommend JEXET to other medical offices because they can create a customized program to suit any need giving them peace of mind too!"

D.M.D., B.S.

Dr. Steven Chander

They took a personal approach as more of a coach/consultant, rather than just a company who provides technical services.

As a business owner we wear many hats and one of those particular hats is struggling with making sure our network system is running smoothly and efficiently. Before hiring Jexet Technologies, there were times where our system was down and it was difficult to manage the frustration levels from my staff which became a growing concern. So, when I was introduced to Jexet, they took a personal approach as more of a coach/consultant, rather than just a company who provides technical services. We really enjoy working with Jexet. Especially, when we run into snags as it’s now very easy to have them troubleshoot problems quickly. The biggest reward for me as a business owner is my staff’s confidence and comfort level now with our computer system. Most importantly, I am no longer pulled away from patients to put out fires with our system. Overall, I am certain every day when I leave the clinic that my system is secure and backed up. I highly recommend Jexet Technologies to anybody who’s running a small, medium or large business inside the Chicagoland area. Jexet will perform over and above your expectations!”

Clinical Director, Primary Eye Care

Mark Murphy

They’ve really helped us from a security standpoint, and really consolidating things, and making sure we’re on the top tier of security.

I would certainly recommend Jexet. We’ve been working with them for almost 2 years. And they’ve really helped us from a security standpoint, and really consolidating things, and making sure we’re on the top tier of security. And certainly, there’s been saving on the back end working with them. So certainly, I’d highly recommend their services."

Director of Client Relations at JMC Wealth Management

Lina Palomino

We Saved $52000 After Jexet Has Upgraded Us To The Cloud!

We are the restoration company. We do emergency services for fire and floods. And we’re also a commercial construction company that does everything, full-service construction. We didn’t have anybody supporting our network before. The company was very small. It started in 2011 with only two people. Now we have 12 people. So over the last three years, we grew. That’s why we had to call Jexet, because our personal PC support wasn’t good enough for the business. We were all on a network, but we didn’t have any shared files. And they were all personal computers. They didn’t have the capacity to hold all the files that we had. We were only on a small Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi wasn’t strong enough to hold the business. Now that Jexet has upgraded us to the cloud, it’s always working. The computer is never down. We all have shared files. We all have access from any remote place we want to access the cloud from. It made our business very productive. Before, I used to spend 10 hours a week troubleshooting problems, fixing network problems or recreating documents that were lost. But now I never do anything, Jexet saved us almost $1,000 per week, $52000 a year. That cost we paid them – I think Jexet is paying for itself. They have done everything they can to try to accommodate us. And we’re just very grateful that they’re there at our service when we need them to be."

Office Manager of Real Restoration Group

Chad Kase

The internet speed went up 20 times, 440 extra hours per month of productivity has been gained since Jexet has taken over support of our network.

Before work with Jexet we had a lot of internal problems of equipment issues, old equipment, not having a grasp on the actual network of it. Our previous IT provider weren’t as proactive as you guys have been in tackling and just getting rid of the issues that we didn’t do on our own. Why did I choose to go with you guys? The price per month wasn’t that much of a cost savings. And I don’t want to just say it was dollars, but it was a big thing that you guys were going to upgrade our equipment as part of the deal. That was huge. I liked Daniel. He came and talked to me. He seemed like nice guy.

Now that you’ve taken over support of the network, the single biggest benefit to our company is the speed of the network. Getting high-speed internet in here has been awesome, so our productivity level has gone way up. Everybody is now working on fast internet connections on newer computers. You can just do a lot more, which has been great. The speed of the internet went up 20 times the speed, so I would say we were probably 20 to 25 percent just with those few little things that we updated, just new equipment and new internet speed increased it by 25 percent. I would say almost an hour of production time a day has been gained by every user. We’d say 20 employees are directly affected by the speed upgrade. So it’s 20 extra hours per day and 440 extra hours per month of productivity.

Your guys’ support has been really awesome, so whenever we have an issue Kevin is usually our point man. He’s right on everything right away. We’re still working on a few little things that we’re seeing better progress in streamlining things even today. So it’s an ongoing improvement of our network and how we work here. So you guys take care of my internet, my phone, my network, stuff that directly relates to us, you guys are specifically in IT. I mean you guys cover everything that we need. It just makes me happier to see that people are working more efficiently."

Technology Officer of Palmer Printing

Constance Willis

Speedy return call. No silence on call. Always advising what they are doing. You are never left alone or out. Such kindness and professionalism. I am truly grateful for JEXET in all they do."

CFO, Sweet Holy Spirit Church