Business Voice Solution

Enterprise-level telephone system which allows you to conduct calls, conferences, and meetings through any internet-connected device.

As businesses become more collaboration-focused, keeping up with the competition requires advanced communication technology. Small- and medium-sized businesses need the same advanced and reliable communication solutions that large enterprises need, but without the hefty costs or complexity. With VoIP services from Jexet, your business can enjoy all the benefits of a modern, enterprise-level telephone system that is customized to your needs, all while reducing your traditional phone service costs by more than 50%.

Advantages of getting professional business voice services:

  • Pay only for what you need Our smart system adds lines on a per-minute basis, reducing your bill but keeping the phones ringing.
  • Cloud computing connects remote offices to the home office With VoIP, you can connect and allow multiple offices — remote or in-house — to use the same line, without any extra costs.
  • "Find Me, Follow Me" means no more missed calls VoIP automatically forwards calls to any of your internet-connected devices, regardless of your location.
  • Have a Local Number, Even if You are not Local We can provide remote numbers to any part of the country. You don't have to purchase a long-term contract and you can use this new number for a sales rep or an advertising campaign.
  • Built-in disaster recovery If your system were to go down, any incoming calls would automatically be re-routed to ‘working’ mobile phones and devices.
  • Maintain only one number You can assign a universal number to your entire business, which makes it easier for your customers to contact you.
  • Computer/ Desktop integration VoIP can also be integrated with myriad CRM packages, allowing you to view and record client info on your desktop before you answer the call.
  • Auto-attendant: an electronic receptionist enhances your business’s image, emphasizing professionalism
  • Video Conferencing: high-quality video conferencing with 2 or more participants
  • Call Screening: monitor and analyze every call your business receives
  • Voice to email transcription: convert voicemail to text, send it to a preferred email, and read it at your convenience

We’ll install, implement, and manage your high-quality communication system. All you have to do is fill out the form below!

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