On-Demand IT Services

Make the most of Jexet’s expertise with our onsite Field Technical Specialists

Jexet delivers enterprise-grade services and solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. On a levelled technology playing field, SMBs can compete and thrive.

Jexet offers on-demand onsite Field Technical Specialists to provide information technology services to our business clients, as required. The services include:

  • Network assessment
  • Planning for main distribution frame build, rebuild and cleanup
  • Server upgrade and migration
  • Server consolidation and update
  • Business Voice version upgrade
  • Intermediate distribution frame build, rebuild and cleanup
  • Dismantling and/or installation of hardware
  • Installation of software applications
  • Installation of systems, components, and peripheral equipment
  • Setup and configuration of network attached devices
  • Recommendations for equipment, software, and other technology solutions
  • Other IT services or support as required by the client


Jexet Technologies has extensive experience repairing and optimizing most of the systems running today’s businesses. We are committed to maintaining your system over the lifespan of the equipment, and we are always available to discuss potential upgrades as the technologies evolve.

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