Frank Kasper

Jexet Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Get my Server up in 5 Minutes!

Jexet came to me with a great solution for all our locations where we were able to back up our data on a regular basis. We even have an option in place where our data is backed up every five minutes. We also had a domain controller which actually went out of service a month after we partnered with Jexet. They were able to restore the server within a reasonable half-hour period a time. Now, we didn’t have a VM-ware server, or VM-ware servers. We did have them restored and those take about five minutes to restore so basically their backup and restore solutions are A+. I recommend Jexet for their backup solutions only because they have the experts in the field to come up with solutions that are not only cost-effective but are really reasonable time to restore in large networks. We have had a really good relationship with them and we are moving into other disaster-recovery-type programs, like in the cloud services and some other services that can get our offices and keep our offices up and running at all times.”

Frank Kasper
IT Director
Taxi Affiliation Service

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