Payroll Done Right! Contractor Direct Deposit

Jexet Technologies is currently helping businesses process payroll and file taxes annually, so what could Jexet add to payroll platforms that would make everyone take notice? How about Direct Deposit for independent contractors? This has been a high priority feature and now Jexet Technologies and QuickBooks Payroll is bringing it to you!

In addition to helping businesses with employees run payroll more efficiently, QuickBooks payroll now supports businesses that want to pay independent contractors.

Tips to make Google Chrome super fast

For Internet users who are accustomed to a super-fast connection, there’s nothing worse than a sluggish web browser. It impacts your workflow, slows down your productivity, and causes frustration. But luckily there are some methods you can use to improve your web browser’s speed and performance.

SAAS and Cloud Computing in Chicago

Hardware and Software as Services
Hardware and software as services is an innovative model that enables customers to obtain the products they need on a pay-as-you go basis. This is the same concept as electricity. Businesses don’t buy generators. They purchase only the kilowatts that they need from a utility company.

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