Top Sales Tax Audit Risks for Small Businesses

The last thing a small business owner needs is an audit tying up time and resources. And, while income tax may first come to mind when you think of an audit, business owners are much more likely to be subject to a sales tax audit.

States are using lots of investigative tools for their audit selection, but your actions can make the decision easy for the state.

The Jexet Technology Times | August 2018

The Top 5 Business Apps To Improve Your Productivity

In the light-speed world of modern business, workers need every bit of help they can get. Luckily, new apps are developed every day that make our lives easier. Here are five of the best:

Documents To Go allows users to open and edit Microsoft Office 2007 files from any smart device.

8 Tendencies Of Bad Decision Makers

At one point in my career, after I’d started, grown and sold a couple of businesses, I thought I knew everything there was to know about making good decisions. After all, I was a success! But it took me a few years to realize that, in many respects, I still had a lot to learn about making the best calls.

What is Structured Cabling? and Why You Should Care

In most office settings, people generally pay little attention to what goes on “behind the scenes.” Why? Usually it’s because they don’t understand or have no interest. Think about it, have you really ever wondered how your phone rings or how your computer works? You don’t, your main focus is that they work.

The Jexet Advantage

Managed network solution is a service that molds your IT network to your needs and then continues to help you maintain that network. With the help of service professionals, your data will be protected and accessible even in the case of a system shutdown or emergency.

Leadership Is Lacking

Professor and leadership expert James O’Toole once said that “95% of American managers today say the right thing… 5% actually do it.” I’m confident this is more true today than ever before. When I look around at the current business landscape, I see poor leadership destroying companies from the inside out.

3 Questions No Leader Should Ever Ask

At ghSMART, we advise board members and CEOs of large companies on their most important leadership issues. One of the most important skills we discuss is making sure they are consulting on the right questions.

I think of a “right” question as one that matters – a question that will cut to the heart of an issue, produce an answer on which the leader can act and provide the highest value to the leader in terms of results.

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