Server Workstation Virtualization

Server Workstation Virtualization

If the overhead costs of IT have been deterring your company from experiencing the power that technology can offer, the knowledge experts at Jexet can change this dynamic. Our professionals know how to get the most for your company through the intelligent leveraging of existing resources.

Maximizing Server Resources and Performance by Virtualization

With the rising costs of ongoing IT support services, many companies experience financial strain if their system is not efficiently organized. These problems manifest as the ineffective use of server resources as well as rising IT expenses.

The virtualization solutions offered through Jexet are unmatched in their capacity to fully utilize your resources across virtual workspaces. Solutions are customized according to your specific business goals, and we offer the technical expertise that ensures customer satisfaction.

Virtual solutions can be implemented to meet multiple goals:

  • Improve Performance: Computational provisioning and load distribution increases efficiency.
  • Simple Disaster Backup/Restore Protocol: Virtual imaging provides your company with virtual access to the safest restoration locations in the world.
  • Efficient Server System: High-priority data crunching consolidates your server’s resources and maximizes the total computational power available by reducing wasteful tasking. Get more power for less server load.
  • Energy Efficiency: Increased server efficiency lowers overall costs and electric bills. Server optimization reduces overall power consumption and produces a smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional server systems.

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