New Cabling for Office Moves

New Cabling for Office Moves

New Cabling for Office Moves - Chicago IL

Mobility is just a fact of life for many businesses in Chicago. Unique technical problems can arise when a business relocates. These problems are similar to the difficulties associated with re-wiring an office for an upgrade. However, these two issues are not identical, and Jexet knows the difference!

Common concerns that we have heard, in relation to other IT providers, from previous clients include:

  • Equipment has been damaged in previous moves
  • Sudden growth in the company causes sudden technical bottlenecks
  • Transitional solutions are needed so the business can still function during a major change

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At Jexet, we listen before acting. Our goal is to ensure that the plan or solution offered is relevant to your situation and will enable you to meet your business objectives. Moving and office adaptation technology is now accessible through Jexet’s professional servicing.

Please contact us so we can offer an initial analysis of your current situation. We serve many businesses in the areas around Chicago, Hyde Park, Gresham, River Forest, Maywood, Kenwood, Burnside, South Shore and many more.

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