Client of the Month: Ernesto D Borges Jr.

“Jexet has been instrumental in making
our business grow and increasing our bottom line.”

ErnestoDBorgesJr“I’ve had a number of IT people working in my office over the years with numerous problems and a lack of response on many occasions. I can say that Jexet just, I can’t give it enough accolades.

Daniel and his crew are just superb. They have a quick response when you have a problem. Jexet has worked hard, diligently no matter what the problem is. They’re available to help you at any time of day, night and even weekends. It is uncommon to find a company that is as helpful as they are. Especially, a company that understands the concerns an active and much burdened law firm has from time to time.

We’ve got a lot of offices, a lot of people that we employ, a lot of computers, people who connect from home. There are just numerous problems. Viruses pop up of course and they keep our system clean. We don’t worry about virus problems that can shut you down. I just can’t say enough, they’re just wonderful people and I hope that you give them a shot, give them a chance to show what they can do for you and your company to expand your company. And they’re always helping to improve.

When something changes, technology changes, there are improvements out there, they will come into the office and say, “This is the latest. This is the newest. You might want to consider…” I mean I’ll just give an example. The cloud, I wasn’t familiar with what the cloud was, what the cloud can do and Daniel Wang came in and showed us this new cloud technology. I’ve got an iPad and then I’ve got other computers and it’s so convenient to hook up anywhere at anytime to my servers and my computer system.

So I appreciate the company that always keeps me on the edge, the leading edge. And if you have any concerns or you want to talk to me directly, feel free to call me and I’ll tell you in an extended conversation just how wonderful this company is."

~ Ernesto D Borges Jr.
Owner of Bill Busters

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