Bunnies, baskets, and reverence

This holiday brings a flood of shopping deals, family activities, and religious events. One common denominator though, everywhere you turn is reverence.

Easter takes over the retail world.

Every place where anything can be sold displays Easter baskets, chocolate eggs, grass, and jelly beans in March and April. You can find great deals on clothing, cars, even electronics. Some retailers even display advertisements for graduates around the Easter holidays.

There's another side to April though, the reverent side.

Whether or not people attend church on other Sundays, Easter is the most popular day to go. In the past, attendance at church on Easter was even required. In the Roman Catholic church before 1963, you weren't considered a member unless you attended church on Easter.

The Jewish Passover

is another April event. The reverence of Passover is the main event of April when Jewish families gather for seders. It is celebrated in Jewish homes throughout America and around the world.

Over time, all of this has led to something good

that happened in our country. Instead of feeling separated from one another by our religious celebrations, we regard the events with mutual interest and respect. When you stop to think about it, it's a little like diversity in the workplace. When all kinds of people respect each other and work together a lot of good things happen.

Enjoy this season of reverence.

Easter is a holiday everyone can enjoy. So, plan your weekend April 19th and 20th to include a little of everything. Don’t miss the opportunity to spoil the little ones in your life with bunnies, baskets and candies. Visit a local church or charitable event to celebrate Easter with your family, friends, co-workers, or community. However you choose to celebrate, don’t be shy. Show your respect and devotion to your family and friends this holiday season.

Happy Easter!

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