Has the URL seen its last holiday?

The Internet of the future may not use the standard URL (Uniform Resource Locator) if Cambridge University Scientists continue to perfect the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) concept.

"Pursuit" is the name of the project in which Cambridge Scientists are studying the new URI concept. It strives to achieve a faster, safer and more user friendly Internet through the use of an entirely new design. This new architecture will do away with the need to connect directly to servers. Instead, your computer will be able to access data or pieces of data from a variety of locations at the same time.

Peer-to-peer sharing, is the basis of this new Internet structure. The only major difference is the magnitude of its projection. This sharing would be a global event with everyone online sharing together.

I don’t want to share with everyone! Don’t worry, peer-to-peer sharing doesn't mean everyone will see your information online. It just means that you will access information a little differently.

Reliability, speed and efficiency... are the brave goals of this new Internet experience. Developers hope to create a more cohesive online experience for all with no overloaded servers stopping you from browsing. It will be interesting to see how this study unfolds.

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