Client of the Month: Dr. Eric Barnes

"I was Daniel’s first client. After I have been working with Jexet all these years, I am still glad with the decision I made 10 years ago!!"

"Before coming to Jexet Technology, I used several IT persons to manage my computer system. This turned out to be a big mistake because there was always one problem after another in my office, and there was no consistency to my system.  I really grew tired of having one unexpected repair cost after another. Once we became partners with the Jexet Technology, we didn’t experience the down time we had previously had to endure.  For once, the same recurring problems just didn’t exist anymore.  This was important to us because our patient records need to have a flawless system in order to make my staff more productive.   The Jexet Technology was working for us even when we didn’t realize that behind the scenes they were still on the job.

They have delivered on every promise made. We are a results oriented business and must deliver our services without having to worry about computer issues.  We love the quick response at the same day that we get whenever a problem arises.  My computers now represent one less problem that I have to worry about.  Our employees are now happier because they have a system which is easy to work with and that functions properly.  If my employees are happy, I am happy.  Your service allows me to focus on dentistry instead of negative computer issues around the office. I have recommended the Jexet Technology to many of my patients and will continue to do so. They are the best!"

~ Dr. Eric Barnes, Dr. Eric Barnes D.D.S

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