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5 dangers of unsecured Wifi networks. Hackers are everywhere! They look for unsecured points to capture company and personal data. Is your network secure at the office and at home? If you don’t know, it’s time to check your network!

Unsecured Wifi networks are don’t have any type of encryption or network key (password) to protect users from dangers lurking in the background. Here are the 5 most dangerous results from unsecured Wifi networks:

#1 Evil eyes on your logins. Some of your user accounts don’t require encryption. All of your login information is sent as clear text over the network. When using an unsecured connection, anyone peering in can see your information.

#2 Stocking your every move. On unsecured wireless networks, it is very easy for onlookers to monitor and capture all of your e-mail traffic and instant messages. Attackers will save and review this information and use it to create believable scams just for you.

#3 File swiping. Have you ever turned off file sharing when you’ve connected to a network? Chances are, it is still on. Hackers can use this as a resource to plug themselves into your computer and retrieve your data.

#4 Piggyback into your office. If you use an unsecured Wifi connection to login to your company network, anyone who is attached to your computer or Wifi network has access too.

#5 Infection connection. While logging into an unsecured point may be your only option, you may be leaving yourself wide open for an infection. Hackers can easily use unsecured networks as a launch point for SPAM, viruses, and monitoring tools.

Keep yourself safe online. Only connect to networks you know are secure. If you aren’t sure what settings you need for your business, give us a call. The most important part of security is the tools you rely on and using them properly.

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