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What is a digital footprint? Most of us use smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, or some combination of these devices, on a daily basis. A fairly technologically savvy person will use roughly 7 to 11 software programs and about 15+ applications each day. These programs range from standard software like Microsoft programs and productivity tools to quirky social media services or games.

Our reliance on our devices and programs leave a footprint of information mapping your activities digitally. For investigators, and those of us that mindlessly leave things around town, this tracking is instrumental for retracing the events in a given day or time period. Our digital footprint is a compilation of the program information provided which can include dates, times, location, duration of interaction, etc.

Who is watching and what can they see? Besides the IRS and government’s ongoing monitoring of Internet users there is actually a plethora of information available to the general public too. Conduct a “vanity search” or a search of your name online to see what others see about you. You may be surprised what is logged online. Be sure to search multiple engines too like Google, Yahoo and Bing. They all have a little different variation. With over two billion Internet users today it’s not surprising there is so much information saved and available online. Manage what is available with account permissions and restrictions and keep your online presence professional.

Basic skills are sometimes hard to come by. If you’ve ever had to hire new staff for your company, there is no doubt you have seen your share of antics from applicants. Where does this sarcasm come from? It may be breed into them. Here are a few actual answers given by 16-year-olds on tests given by their high school science teacher:

  • Name the four seasons: Salt, pepper, oil & vinegar.
  • How is water made fit to drink? Flirtation makes it safe because it removes pollutants like grit, sand, swim trunks, and canoeists.
  • How is dew formed? The sun shines down on leaves and makes them perspire.
  • What causes tides in the oceans? Tides are a fight between the Earth and moon. I forget where, but the sun joins in too.
  • What are steroids? Things to keep carpets still on stairs.
  • What happens to a boy when he reaches puberty? He says good-bye to his boyhood and looks forward to his adultery.
  • What is a fibula? A small lie.

Laugh a little and lighten your mood. Make it a great day!!!

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