The Woman On The Other End of the Phone Wept…

“The world is against me and I can’t take it anymore!” cried the distraught woman. She had just called a crisis hotline desperate for someone to help her. “Last week I was in a car accident, my house was broken into, and now my computer has crashed and erased all of my business files!” This woman was already having a bad week, but it was that stupid computer that finally made her snap.

A New and Growing Anxiety Disorder Affecting Americans

According to a Washington Post report, there is a fast-growing disorder that is affecting millions of Americans called “computer rage” – and psychologists and crisis hotlines are starting to see more people and more computer rage cases cropping up. Kent Norman, a University of Mary-land psychology professor, studies computer rage and its effects. According to Norman, "In the workplace and at home, we're smashing computer screens, beating on keyboards, and throwing equipment out the window." What’s interesting about this phenomenon is that most people do not destroy, smash, or beat on non-electronic items like cars and furniture; it seems completely directed towards electronics, and more specifically computers.

Don’t Be A Victim!

Since most people spend their entire day working at a computer, problematic PCs are certainly a huge contributor to stress and anxiety. If you already have enough to worry about and want to make sure your computer isn’t adding to your stress and anxiety levels, then call us today about our Peace of Mind IT Management plan. For a flat-rate fee, we’ll monitor and maintain your computer network to make sure you never want to throw your keyboard through your monitor!

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