Who Else Wants To Win A $25 Gift Card?

The Grand Prize Winner of last month’s Trivia Challenge Quiz is <>! He or she was the first person to correctly answer my quiz question from last month: On December 3rd, 1967, what medical breakthrough took place? The choices were: a) The first successful Siamese twin separation b) Artificial insulin was first produced c) The first successful heart transplant occurred. The correct answer is c) The first successful heart transplant occurred! Congratulations, <>, you’ve won a <<$25 Gift Card >>!

Now, here’s this month’s trivia question. The winner will receive a gift card to <>.

Which of these famous people has a birthday of January 1st?

Betsy Ross b) Paul Revere c) J. Edgar Hoover d) All of the above

Call me right now with your answer! 312-583-7179

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