Life made Easy with QuickBooks Online

Life made Easy with QuickBooks Online

June brings no shortage of reasons to smile — the birds are singing and the evenings are bright.

Oh yeah: We also have a fresh batch of QuickBooks® Online updates and improvements to add to your June jubilation. There’s a ton of goodies this month, so let’s get right to it!

New! Get paid faster with Progress Invoicing

In a nutshell: Waiting until the end of a long project to get paid stresses the mind — and the bank account. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Progress Invoicing is here! You can now bill customers for ongoing projects and get paid incrementally as you complete stages of the job.

How it works: When you start a project, you establish an overall estimate, then schedule invoices to go out after completing portions of the work. Or you can also schedule invoices around custom project milestones.

QuickBooks automatically tallies how much has been collected, and how much of the overall estimate remains. Once the job is done, we’ll close the estimate and mark billing as complete.

New! Payroll peace of mind with Contractor Direct Deposit

In a nutshell: This is the #1 requested feature from small businesses…(cue the doves and choir)…and oh baby it’s here!

You can now pay 1099 contractors using direct deposit within QuickBooks Self Service Payroll and QuickBooks Full Service Payroll — the same way you do your W2 employees. It’s never been easier to organize payroll details and make sure everyone on the team feels confident come payday.

How it works: In the Workers tab of QuickBooks Online, select Contractors along the top ribbon to view a list of your contractors.

Next to the name of the contractor you want to pay, select Pay by direct deposit from the drop-down list.

From there you’ll be able to customize the payment amount and expense category, just as you would for regular employees.

Best of all, QuickBooks automatically tracks the payments made to contractors. This means you can find all the payroll information you need for tax season in one handy place, and rest easy knowing your contractors were paid accurately and on time.

New! Connect to PayPal app for QuickBooks

In a nutshell: It’s no mystery why so many businesses transact on PayPal — it’s smart, seamless, and just plain easy. Now you can say the same about importing those transactions into QuickBooks Online thanks to the new Connect to PayPal app.

How it works: Once connected via the app, you can review all PayPal transactions right in your QuickBooks Online Banking tab, and easily categorize, edit, and match them to the books.

We’ll automatically add PayPal fees to their own expense account so you don’t have to do it by hand (which also makes them easy to find at tax time).

The app also gives total clarity into each and every transaction. Sales receipts capture details like a fine-tooth comb — including items sold, discounts, sales tax, and more — to help you gauge business performance at a glance.

New and improved! Bill beautifully on mobile with redesigned invoice emails

In a nutshell: As the old saying goes, the cherry on top of a job well done is an invoice well sent (OK that’s not a saying, but it should be). We’ve redesigned our QuickBooks Online invoice emails to help you leave a lasting impression with customers.

What’s changed: Our invoice emails are now mobile-friendly, with a responsive design that makes for easy phone reading. The invoice details are also conveniently listed right in the email so customers see everything right away; no clicking through a link to hunt them down.

We’ve also expanded the design options so you can make style choices that reflect your brand — including enlarging your company logo and name, and picking your own accent color.

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That’s all for this month, folks.
Until next time, keep your feet on the ground ... and your books in the cloud.

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