Dr. Albert F Gruber

Jexet Technologies Is Always There And Watching Out My Computers And Network For Me Which Brought My Total Peace Of Mind.

I have had my dental practice for almost 25 years in South Holland, Illinois. Our Office do implants, whitening, bridge work and dentures. I also have advanced training in orthodontics including the new in visa line techniques. I was using several part-time IT persons who were referred by my family and friends before getting to know Jexet Technologies. Basically, those IT guys did an adequate job. However, as my practice grew, I need more than “adequate “to run my business efficiently, my needs increased which required a more professional & reliable service.

I benefited & learned a lot from the Free Network Check up that Jexet Technologies offered us. I simply found out that I wasn’t covered for backing up my data, monitoring my system and avoiding internet problems. I could only used thumb drives to back up my data and I didn’t realize what a big chance that I was taking in losing my data. Besides, most of the time I found myself frustrated because the other IT guys would show up on week-ends or whenever they wanted. Sometimes, I would try to fix problems myself, taking up a great deal of time.

The single biggest reason that I decided to sign up was that I could not afford to lose any data and that I needed to have constant monitoring of my system. Even one day of lost data could result in several frustrating days of trying to put my office back together again. Every aspect of our office depends on us keeping good and accurate records and being able to retrieve those records at a moment’s notice. JEXET made me aware of things problems that I could avoid which I wasn’t aware of until they described their action plan for my office network. The biggest benefit that I have gained thus far is simply that finally, I have peace of mind. I know this because of your constant emails & contacts concerning the health of my system. It lets me know that JEXET is always there and watching out for me.

My employees are also very pleased because if they have any problem, your staffs is prompt in coming out to take care of it. This gives me an even further peace of mind that necessary to run my practice. I would recommend JEXET to other medical offices because they can create a customized program to suit any need giving them peace of mind too!"

D.M.D., B.S.