Chad Kase

The internet speed went up 20 times, 440 extra hours per month of productivity has been gained since Jexet has taken over support of our network.

Before work with Jexet we had a lot of internal problems of equipment issues, old equipment, not having a grasp on the actual network of it. Our previous IT provider weren’t as proactive as you guys have been in tackling and just getting rid of the issues that we didn’t do on our own. Why did I choose to go with you guys? The price per month wasn’t that much of a cost savings. And I don’t want to just say it was dollars, but it was a big thing that you guys were going to upgrade our equipment as part of the deal. That was huge. I liked Daniel. He came and talked to me. He seemed like nice guy.

Now that you’ve taken over support of the network, the single biggest benefit to our company is the speed of the network. Getting high-speed internet in here has been awesome, so our productivity level has gone way up. Everybody is now working on fast internet connections on newer computers. You can just do a lot more, which has been great. The speed of the internet went up 20 times the speed, so I would say we were probably 20 to 25 percent just with those few little things that we updated, just new equipment and new internet speed increased it by 25 percent. I would say almost an hour of production time a day has been gained by every user. We’d say 20 employees are directly affected by the speed upgrade. So it’s 20 extra hours per day and 440 extra hours per month of productivity.

Your guys’ support has been really awesome, so whenever we have an issue Kevin is usually our point man. He’s right on everything right away. We’re still working on a few little things that we’re seeing better progress in streamlining things even today. So it’s an ongoing improvement of our network and how we work here. So you guys take care of my internet, my phone, my network, stuff that directly relates to us, you guys are specifically in IT. I mean you guys cover everything that we need. It just makes me happier to see that people are working more efficiently."

Technology Officer of Palmer Printing