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In today's technology-driven world, legal professionals have embraced IT as a crucial part of their office. They can now more conveniently upgrade their billing contacts, case calendars, case management software, email encryption, time tracking, and document management processes. These advancements, however, come with their own risks which is why it’s crucial to comply with private and government regulations.

Our technicians here at Jexet Technologies understand law firms’ specialized needs in terms of managing their corporate technology. Our certified personnel have undergone numerous trainings regarding industry hosted applications and software, as well as trial presentation applications that you normally use. We’ll help manage your IT to make sure your data remains secure, your systems are always stable, and you abide by stringent industry regulations.

Increase billable hours with Jexet by your side:

  • Our technicians will ensure that your confidential case files are kept under lock and key with our advanced security programs and remote monitoring software
  • We boost the productivity of your legal team by giving them remote access to your case folders from any authorized device so they can collaborate in real time
  • We optimize and automate your most common legal transactions to save you and your staff time
  • Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan guarantees that your data and systems are always protected so you won’t lose valuable data during disasters

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