Two Key Lessons

First, you need to be a lot more wary of e-mail promotions and communications that ask you to provide your credit card infor-mation or to validate your account information (username, pass-word, social security number, etc.). No valid company will ever ask you to send important, confidential information in that manner.

What To Do When You Want The Advanced Features Of Microsoft Exchange But Don’t Want The Costs

With the complexity, costs and problems associated with installing a mail server, many businesses are now opting for “Hosted Exchange” in the cloud rather than bringing the server in-house. What are “cloud”-based or “hosted” services? Think of them like a gym membership. Instead of purchasing your own home gym equipment, which can be expensive, require maintenance and take up a lot of space, you can pay a small monthly fee to go to the gym and use a multi-million-dollar facility that is kept and maintained by someone else.

How To Get Your E-mails Delivered

Since e-mails are cheap and easy and deliver instant results, there’s a good chance you are (or plan on) using e-mail broadcasts to communicate with your clients and prospects. But with so much spam, how can you make sure your e-mails stay OUT of the spam filter and get safely delivered to your recipients’ inbox? Here are a few tips:

Client Spotlight:Dr. Adrienne Barnes D.D.S.

714 West Maxwell St, Chicago, IL 60607

“Since 2002, Chicago Computer Club has provided computer ser-vices for my office. I recently moved my office from the Southeast Side of Chicago to the Near Southwest Side, and the transition was absolutely fantastic. I had no problems. Daniel listened to all of my needs, and he stayed within my budget, which I was very happy about.”

What Are QR Codes And How Can You Profit From Them In Your Business?

The last time you were flipping through your favorite magazine, you may have noticed a small, digital-looking image on one or more of the advertisements. What is it? A “Quick Response” code or QR code for short.

A QR code is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.

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