The Jexet Technology Times | February 2019

The Jexet Technology Times | February 2019

4 Reasons You Should Move Your Data To The Cloud TODAY

If you’re one of the skeptics holding out on incorporating cloud technology into your business, you’re in the minority. Today, a full 93% of businesses now use the cloud in their day-to-day operations, according to RightScale. Here’s why.

  • The cloud increases profits. The nimble, location-flexible nature of the cloud enables lean, remote operation from anywhere in the world, increasing the bottom line of SMBs.
  • The cloud boosts efficiency. Without the need for data silos, cloud applications can drastically reduce bottlenecks and failures.
  • The cloud saves money. Instead of paying to maintain unused hardware, the cloud allows you to pay low monthly fees, reducing wasted funds.
  • The cloud is more secure. Backups are that much easier to implement and access, meaning that your business can be up and running after a data breach in minutes rather than days.

Top Tactics To Improve Company Culture

A healthy company culture does more than make work life bearable – it draws in talent and increases productivity. But contrary to what some CEOs may believe, culture begins with leadership. To bolster a positive, winning environment in your business, make sure that above all, your team embodies the core values of your organization. Hire and fire by the standards you’ve set, and build an organization that seeks to bring meaning to the business you do.

Also, be sure to maintain transparency at every turn. Nothing erodes trust and good vibes like secrets or the rumors they spawn, yet many leaders struggle to understand that, when faced with a difficult situation, a thorough explanation will win the loyalty and consideration of those you work with.

Finally, keep your vision locked on your organization’s long-term goals. With a clear focus in mind for your employees, it’s that much easier for everyone to stay on the same team and continue to push forward in earnest. Short-term wins are important, sure, but it’s the visionary in you that will become someone to rally around for the long haul.