The Jexet Technology Times | January 2019

The Jexet Technology Times | January 2019

5 Ways To Build A Stronger Small Business In 20 Minutes Or Less

1. Go to a networking event. It’s all about who you know, as they say, and with sites like Eventbrite or, it’s easy to find communities where you can connect and learn.

2. Take a break and learn something. Listen to a podcast or put on a quick TED Talk on a subject you’re interested in. Over time, these little nuggets of information add up and can transform the way you work.

3. Work on your social media. Schedule some posts that will get traction.

4. Take an online class. Whether it’s through Google’s free online academy, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare or Coursera, it’s easier than ever to pick a subject and learn everything you can.

5. Find money you’re owed. Track down an overdue invoice and send a friendly reminder.

5 Ways To Protect Your Company From Cybercriminals

A recent survey by Vistage revealed that a full 62% of CEOs do not have an active cyber security strategy in place, while 27% have no plan at all. Frankly, this is insane. Follow these five quick steps to bolster your security right now. There’s no time like the present.

1. Use a tool like the Cybersecurity Framework from the National Institute of Standards and Technology to perform a thorough assessment. You can’t fix something until you know what’s broken.

2. Train your employees on cyber security risks. Forewarned is forearmed, and most data breaches occur as the result of employee neglect.

3. Implement cyber security policies. Put procedures in writing, and make sure they’re followed to the letter.

4. Get tools that work. It needs to go far beyond a simple antivirus, encompassing everything from endpoint security systems to firewalls and backup solutions and everything in between.

5. When in doubt, consult an expert.