How safe is your business’s data?

How safe is your business’s data?

Life happens in an instant. A fire, electrical outage or even human error can cause your company's most vital information to vanish in an instant. To ensure that your customers' security and your own business' well-being is always top-priority, we offer data recovery solutions that save you time, money and invaluable relationships with your clients.

RTO and RPO: What's the Difference?

RTO stands for "recovery time objective" and represents how long your business can go on without a certain application before undesirable consequences. The RTO of your business gives IT specialists a specific window of time to restore all software and technologies to full operating power to ensure productivity and output aren't disrupted to severe degrees.

Your business' RPO is its "recovery point objective." A bit longer than the RTO, the RPO distinguishes the amount of time that can pass before the amount of offline data is beyond your business' continuity plan (BCP).

How We Can Help

Cloud computing is the go-to solution and preventative strategy for RTO and RPO management. An external tech support group can identify and resolve issues before they become a problem and keep your business' data secure and functional at all times. In the event of an outage, IT specialists are at work almost immediately implementing a solution, which means virtually no downtime for your operations.

In addition to an on-call team to optimize and monitor your network data, our IT team is able to save you money. By turning your data security and recovery solutions over to an off-site cloud computing team, you will cut back costs for on-site equipment and maintenance. You have less staff and industrial needs and more money in your budget without losing quality or security.

Contact our IT services team today. Let's talk about how we can protect your business.

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