How To Manage Your Company’s Online Presence With One Simple App

So you’ve bought into the whole social media and online marketing idea and you’re Tweeting, posting to Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging and using Google+ (not to mention dozens of other online tools and resources) to promote your company. Whew!

However, here’s the little “gotcha” to all of this that you might not have thought about: how do you manage all of this? And how can you keep an eye on these various web sites to make sure you’re not missing a customer service issue, negative post or even a sales opportunity? The answer is Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is an online aggregation tool that allows you to review and manage all your online postings and presence through a simple, easy to use interface. All in one place, you can manage your company’s Twitter accounts, your personal Facebook account, your company Facebook fanpage, your LinkedIn posts, your WordPress blog entries and even more. You can even assign rights to any of your accounts to other team members without ever giving up a single password.

Other helpful features of HootSuite include:

  • Monitor social mentions of your name or company wherever they happen
  • Pre-schedule posting to happen any time in the future.
  • Easily post your message across multiple social media sites with the simple click of a button in your HootSuite portal.
  • Create custom reports to see where your traffic goes and what is working
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