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Every month, Jexet offers valuable advice and tips for free to customers and readers. We strongly encourage every client to continue learning about the various aspects involved in maintaining their technology and networking systems. We believe that informed clients are in a good position to make appropriate decisions. Our free newsletters are useful resource materials for your business. These publications cover a variety of relevant subjects. Whether you need source material for employee training on email etiquette or advice on creating effective passwords, Jexet newsletters provide answers. We like to cover subjects that are most likely to appear in a FAQ list or a technology forum. Jexet newsletters are just another example of our proactive approach to engaging with clients. When you have access to good information, we can better communicate as a team. Make sure to check out back issues as well. There are many tools and tips in some of last year’s issues that are still relevant today. Would you like to find out if you can get Microsoft Office for a few dollars per month? Would you like to gain some insight into cloud computing? Take a look at our informative and interesting newsletter archives to find out more.

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