About Daniel Wang

Daniel Wang

Founder and Chairman

Daniel Wang was born in a very poor rural area of China in the 1970’s. Daniel’s father was unable to attend college due to political reasons at that time, so his new dream was to send his son Daniel to one of the top universities in China. His father saved every penny possible and spent much time and effort to ensure that Daniel will be able to attend a respected and recognized university.

All of his hard work paid off and Daniel was accepted into one of the best medical universities in China to be trained as a dentist in 1991. While there he saw a computer for the first time in his life. He was instantly attracted by an "Apple II" computer, which like other computers available at the time did not have an internal hard drive.

At that particular time in China, however, it was almost impossible to change your college major. During the next 5-years at the university, Daniel spent all his spare time in the universities computer science room. He became a self-taught computer geek and gained recognition as a computer guru at the medical university. Many people came to him for computer-related help. After graduating from the university in 1996, instead of becoming a dentist, he chose to develop medical-related educational computer programs and later started to develop medical information networks on the internet. Within 5 years, he was the CEO and co-owner of one of the top 3 medical information websites in China, employing over 50 talented professionals.

Although very successful in China, Daniel dreamed of coming to the United States one day. His dream came to fruition in the summer of 2001 when he arrived in Chicago, IL with his wife, who was pursuing her PhD at the University of Chicago.

Daniel could barely speak or understand English upon his arrival, and was rejected for even volunteer jobs. Later, he worked in a local computer store and saw the growing demand for consumer I.T. services. He started his own business with his first retail location at 87th street in April 2003. By treating customers as they should be treated, providing excellent customer service and top notch computer technicians, Chicago Computer Club quickly expanded. With a new location every year, Chicago Computer Club had 8 retail locations by the end of 2012.

In 2008, more and more business clients inquired about comprehensive business IT services. The Chicago Computer Club business service department was founded and later was spun off as Jexet Technologies, which provides outsourced managed IT services for businesses who rely on IT to run their business every day.
Daniel contributes his success to working hard and treating people right; this goes for both his employees and his clients. This is why Jexet offers a 120 day unconditional money back guarantee to all new clients to ensure the quality of the services provided. Check out the Jexet core value statement.

If you are looking for help with business IT or phone systems, contact Jexet today. You will not go wrong if you work with Daniel!

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