Client of the Month: Palmer Printing

“The internet speed went up 20 times, 440 extra hours per month of
productivity has been gained.”

“Before work with Jexet we had a lot of internal problems of equipment issues, old equipment, not having a grasp on the actual network of it. Our previous IT provider weren’t as proactive as you guys have been in tackling and just getting rid of the issues that we didn’t do on our own.

Now that you’ve taken over support of the network, the single biggest benefit to our company is the speed of the network. Getting high-speed internet in here has been awesome, so our productivity level has gone way up. Everybody is now working on fast internet connections on newer computers. You can just do a lot more, which has been great. The speed of the internet went up 20 times, I would say almost an hour of production time a day has been gained by every user. 20 employees are directly affected by the speed upgrade. So it’s 20 extra hours per day and 440 extra hours per month of productivity."

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