Make Sure Your Storage Serves Your Needs


One of the most aggravating error messages to see on your computer screen when you are hard at work, but cannot save anything you’ve just completed. One common cause for this is a shortage of storage space.

Do you know how much storage you have? If you use a computer, tablet, or smartphone you can probably tell when your storage is filling up fast. The first few signs to watch for are poor performance, display problems, and of course low-storage warnings.

When storage refuses to serve. Last month a new prospect called in for technical support frantically explaining how they couldn’t save or retrieve anything on their server. They started their work day without a worry in the world, but in an instant productivity came to a screeching halt. Thankfully, we were able to work with them to quickly determine the problem. Their server actually ran out of storage completely, so no one in the office could save to the server at all.

Workstation storage lapse. Tower computers and laptops are a big concern for those who use them for work daily. There is nothing worse than technical woes stalling your work. Before it’s too late, check your tower or laptop storage with these three easy steps:

  1. Go to "My Computer"
  2. Right click on your "C Drive"
  3. Then click "Properties"

This will give you a pie chart showing exactly how much space you’ve used and how much space is still available on your machine.

What about my iPad or iPhone? To check the storage available on your favorite Apple devices, simply open the “Settings” area, tap “General” and look at the “Usage”. From there, you can quickly determine the applications that are eating up space and alter your usage plan as needed.

Android storage check. Android devices are just as easy. From the “home” screen, press the “Menu” button, then select “Settings” and finally “Storage”. You may see a few items here, an SD card and/or phone storage. You will be able to review the space remaining on each.

Storage tips to save space. Keep in mind, storage is often filled quickly with media files. If you’re looking to save a little extra storage, try transferring your pictures, videos and music to an alternate storage device or cloud storage system.

Check annually. Remember, your devices don’t have infinite storage. The truth is, most people don’t even know they are dangerously close to maxing out their memory or storage capacity until it is too late and they are unable to run the programs or save items needed.

How can you tell if your server is low on storage? There really isn’t a quick method to determine the remaining storage on your server. You must login to the server to assess the situation at hand directly.

If you are concerned about storage, don’t wait! Give us a call to review your servers and computers before your storage refuses service, putting your workday on hold.

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