Client of the Month: Dr. Michael Marcus

“By using Jexet as our IT consultants has helped us to stay on that cutting edge of technology necessary to outpace the competition.”

MichaelMarcus“Previously, our network was being taken care of by a dental software company. At the time we first called Jexet , we were experiencing several problems with the service given by the other company, namely unreliable service and unpredictable techs that came to our office who were not necessarily focused on correcting the problems we were experiencing.

The single biggest reason that we decided to sign up with Jexet was because we needed a company who would be dedicated to both our hardware and software problems. Our computers are just as important to us as our dental drills and other tools we use around the office. We need our network up and running, or otherwise we can’t run.

Now the level of our customer service has gone up tremendously. We are sure that this comes through to our customers, whether it's on the phone or in person.

My dad and I would highly recommend to anyone in business to use Jexet to maintain their computers because they are reliable and professional. Now I have an increased enjoyment of doing my work… and it shows! If you want to remove the frustration of day to day operations involving your computers, call Jexet now. You can depend on them to take your business to the next level.”

~ Dr. Michael Marcus
Marcus Dental Practice

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