Client of the Month: Ellen Stoner

“Jexet Total Care Plan Helps Employees
Running at the Highest Efficiency!”


“We’ve been working with Jexet for two years now. We decided to go with a multiservice provider simply because we’re a small firm that’s growing.

I have 10 architects and we’ve been working with a single IT provider, which required a lot of my staff’s time to understand our computer system and maintain it so we decided to outsource that to make them more productive in their billable work.

We also went through a series of software upgrades and Jexet was great in applying their expertise in getting our new systems up and running, working through some licensing issues that hampered our productivity and now we’re pretty much running at the highest efficiency we’ve had in years.

Their monthly Total Care service plan offers comprehensive assistance for all of our IT needs at a fraction of the cost of having dedicated staff. I can reduce risk and maintain work productivity knowing my systems won’t be crashing today. Their “all-inclusive” support plan includes unlimited support without hidden fees.

We’re very happy with them and we plan on continuing with Total Care.”

~ Ellen Stoner, Owner, Altus Works

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