Shake your tail feathers… Work is killing you!

Do you exercise about 3-5 hours each week and perform muscle strengthening activities? Watch out! Long hours sitting in your office chair without exercise can bring you down.

How long do you sit on a daily basis? Most office workers sit about 10-12 hours a day. Consider the time it takes you to commute to work (sitting in the car), along with the time in your office chair. Add in any other time you spend on your tail, reading or watching T.V. in the evening. These long hours off our feet, make our bodies tired and sluggish.

Get moving! Build up your energy, improve endurance, and increase your strength fast with a little exercise each day. Just moving your body can change the way it looks, feels and operates.

According to the CDC, adults should push for at least 2.5 hours of moderate intensity activities like walking or biking and 2 or more days each week of major muscle exercises like weight lifting or aerobic activities.

Why don’t you schedule it for me? I know what you’re thinking, when can I squeeze that time into my schedule? Think of it this way, how can you afford to let your body go? Not exercising means you may become prone to disease and you won’t be able to work at your current pace for as long as you like.

What about exercising at work? A new wave of office furniture to keep you in shape is on the market. Consider biking or walking while you work. Companies like The Human Solution and LifeSpan create adjustable desks with your exercise equipment built right in. You can sit for work and use a control on your desk to raise or lower the workstation accordingly for your exercise time walking or riding a stationary bike.

Imagine a healthier you. Reports have been flooding in about the benefits of exercise workstations. Many people report an increase in energy, improved attitude, and an overall stronger physical state. Exercising while your on the phone or working on the computer really improves efficiency in the end. Not to mention, employees love to finish up their exercise and enjoy their time away from the office.

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