Savvy saving CutePDF Writer

Trying to save a document as a PDF? Here is a simple program that will speed up your PDF creation technique and give you more options too!

CutePDF Writer is so easy to install and use. The program actually installs itself into your “printer subsystem” so it is ready when you need it. This also gives you the flexibility to use the program with any file you can print.

You can even create PDF files of PDF’s. Let’s say you only need pages 4-6 of a 35 page PDF report, no problem! Open your report, go to print, select the CutePDF Writer driver, select your page range, and hit print. Then, name your file and click “save” to view your new PDF document.

No annoying ads or watermarks either. The best part is that this program is free for non-commercial and commercial use. There are no pop-up advertisements or watermarks on your files either. Just quick and easy PDF creation.

Visit their website to learn more about this handy tool today!

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