A cornucopia of considerations for IT: Why you should fire yourself from your IT Department

Many businesses today have a do-it-yourself attitude about IT solutions. However, most don’t truly have a full view of the costs of mismanaging their technology needs. Take a look at the cornucopia of things to consider for your business.

IT isn't easy: Key areas to review. There are many IT tasks that should be delegated to knowledgeable resources. If you are the key player in any of the processes, it’s time to fire yourself from your IT department and find a reliable source to manage your day-to-day needs.

  1. General technical support:
    Helping with viruses, software glitches or errors, updating your systems and installing new software.
  2. Server management:
    Server updates, patches and maintenance.
  3. Backup and disaster recovery:
    Daily backup solutions, restoring files when necessary and regularly reviewing your disaster recovery plan.
  4. Equipment replacement and improvements:
    Replacing computers that are out-of-date, upgrades for workstations that just need an overhaul, or additional equipment for new employees.

IT management trends in businesses today. According to Small Business Trends (smallbiztends.com), approximately 3.8 million small business have involuntary IT managers managing their IT. Is this you? If the biggest time drain on your schedule is managing your technology solution, it may not be a solution at all. Get out of fire fighter mode and in- to preventative mode so you can focus on more essential business tasks.

How much time do you spend keeping tabs on your IT needs? Even with smaller companies with just 10-20 workstations, IT management requires roughly 6-10 hours of work each week. Most internal IT departments that are spearheaded by one or two involuntary IT leads are spending a majority of their time troubleshooting and resolving urgent matters. For example, fixing e-mail errors, determining why the backup failed, or cleaning up a virus on a workstation.

The lamp gauge. Do you have a lamp on your desk? Remember the last time you replaced the light bulb? Well, lamp bulbs generally work for about 1,000 hours per year. That’s how much time you should work ON your business improving relationships, develop opportunities, build processes, and evolve your strategy to grow. Don’t bog yourself down with IT tasks that keep your working IN your business.

“Work ON your business, not IN it.” This saying is so true no matter how you slice it. As an officer of your company, you need to consider how your organization will improve and flourish. Leave your IT responsibilities up to an IT employee or outsourced provider who will be faster and more efficient with their work. Using a resource to keep your important IT activities in check allows you to be proactive about your IT decisions and lower your overall costs in the long run.

You’re FIRED from IT! Hopefully, this snip-it has opened your eyes to the cornucopia of considerations required to effectively manage your IT needs. If you are interested in outsourcing your IT management tasks or if you are fighting a fire right now, don’t hesitate to call. We’re here for you.

IT is our business so you can get back to working ON your business.

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