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Tablets harvesting productivity in the workplace. This year, more businesses are adopting tablets to boost productivity. One study showed that nearly seven out of 10 business owners use tablets and many say these devices help them get more done.

Are tablets right for your business? First, think about how you plan to use them and what applications would be useful. A quick assessment of your current software can help you determine where to utilize tablets. You may find that many of the programs you rely on are available on a tablet and could potentially decrease intake time for new clients and streamline your service offerings. If you would like assistance reviewing your business structure to see if tablets can help, give us a call.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... Dory said it best when she chanted these three little words to her sad clown fish friend in the children’s movie, Finding Nemo. Everyone needs a little encouragement sometimes. Boost morale with these no-cost extras that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

  • Build partnerships with local service providers. Do you or anyone in your workplace use a dry cleaner or auto detailer service? Bring amenities like this your workplace and help everyone save a little time. Providers are often happy to bring their services to you when they know there are multiple employees interested. Call companies near you and pass around a sign-up sheet to make it happen..
  • Establish family discounts. I’m sure you’ve listened to stories from your coworkers about a fantastic family outing. Why not make a partnership with local movie theaters, pools, and other entertainment hosts to give your employees a break. A few phone calls and you can show just how much you care about your employees.
  • Bring the restaurant to them. I know this one sounds cumbersome but, I assure you it is well worth it. Imagine, work is piling up and everyone is longing for the lunch hour, but they know it will put the breaks on their productivity if they duck out to grab a bite. Solution… show them you care by finding a local eatery that is willing to bring a variety of sandwiches to your office to sell or one that allows you to order online for delivery.

Try your hand with the new Leap Motion Controller. Ever wished your laptop could be a touch screen like your tablet? Throw out all your previous ideas about computing and take a look at this fancy new gadget. The Leap Motion Controller lets you turn any computer into an exciting hands on experience. This tiny device lets you interact with programs and applications using only hand gestures in the air. While there are some mixed reviews on this product and compatibility is still somewhat limited, the Leap Motion Controller is redefining how we use computers. To see this new product in action, visit The Leap Motion Controller is available now through Leap Motion and major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy for just $79.99.

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