5 technologies to solve the most common business hornet’s nests

Technology levels the playing field for small businesses. However, managing that technology to develop and implement viable solutions, is challenging.

Technology is a great investment. Business owners and managers today recognize that technology is a fantastic investment for their company. And yet, they don't know where to start. Generally, they camp out with their current solutions until they are in so much pain that they grab the first provider they meet just to get the problems fixed and business back on track.

Why are you in pain? More often than not, the technology pain you’re experiencing comes on fast and hard, crippling everything you need most. Some say it is "Murphy's Law". I’m sure that is a little bit of it but, what if you had the programs and processes in place to prevent hiccups and down time.

Look for solutions before you’re business is suffering. Take a look at this list of five common technologies that will help you solve the most common business IT problems we see every week.

  1. Equipment: Don’t camp out with old computers and expect to improve productivity. Equip your staff with the machines they need to maximize their efforts and grow your business. Workstation computers, laptops or tablets that include the proper software, applications and peripherals enable workers to become instrumental in your success. Make sure you have the right people in the right positions with the right tools.
  2. Security: Today, we depend greatly on mobile devices which translates into security risks. Symantec research reports, the top mobile security concern is lost and stolen devices. If your company uses mobile devices to survive, setup encryption or data wiping capabilities to keep your sensitive company data save even if thieves get the device. Programs like Lookout can help protect your business and personal devices.
  3. Storage: Limited resources and storage capacity can bring on big headaches for business owners and staff alike. Solve your storage woes with cloud services. Even if you have in house IT support, cloud services are a great way to expand your resources; the sky is the limit!
  4. Analytics: Many businesses today are catching on to the wave of social media and online interaction. But how can you use it effectively? Track everything. Use tools like Google Analytics, GeckoBoard or HootSuite to manage your connections and postings online.
  5. Customer relations: As with any business, the customer experience and relationships are critical. Without new business coming in the door, no business would survive. Productivity programs and business telephone systems can give you the upper hand with clear communications with all your contacts.

IT solutions to fit your business. Technology is a great tool to help you progress your business. Don’t settle for business problems from your IT solutions, find solutions that support your business plans.

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