No Jumping Jacks here: 3 easy print tips

"Your document failed to print." It's amazing that these five little words can be so time consuming. What do you check first? Is it the connection or the queue?

Jumping Jacks, Ground Flowers, Ground Bloom, children even call them the spinney flashy ones. A broken or damaged printer can leave you feeling like a little explosion went off in your work world leaving you spinning and spouting off in every direction like a Jumping Jack. Stay calm and follow three easy steps to get back on track.

Is the printer yours or everyone's? Think about how your computer is connected to the printer and where it is located. If your printer is on your desk and you are the only one who has the joy of using it, you probably have a direct connection which makes troubleshooting a breeze. Try clearing the print queue, shut down the printer and the computer, then start over. Take a deep breath or fill your cup of coffee and when you return, click your printer back on and start up your computer again. You would be surprised how many simple printer errors can be resolved by clearing the print queue and restarting the systems.

If your printer is across the room and you occasionally find a line for the output tray, your using a networked printer. Contact your systems administrator or office manager to clear the print queue. Remember, if you don’t clear the print queue, restarting the printer may not help.

Check for physical ailments too.

Unforeseen interruptions from rearranging furniture, moving equipment, or even stocking inventory/supplies can jostle your printer cables loose or put enough stress on a connection to stop production. Check the power cable and the connection or networking cable to ensure they are appropriately connected and active. Check the paper trays for jams and try printing a test page from the printer menu. If you’re printer is still misbehaving, give us a call!

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