Applications for business: productivity in your pocket

Whether you’re working, socializing, or relaxing, applications can help no matter what type of device you enjoy.

Which apps should I choose? Honestly, you couldn’t even use 1% of the possible apps out there in a 24 hour period, there’s just not enough time in a day. The trick is to find applications that are easy to use and allow you to streamline tasks. Applications can help you to finish up work on the go, connect with others or improve efficiency.

Productivity applications for work. We’re surrounded by devices, programs, and applications intended to assist us through a variety of life’s processes. Here are a few applications you may find handy for work.

  • Documents — Office Suite Pro and Documents To Go 3.0 give you the power to view, edit and save Microsoft documents in their supported file formats like .docx, .xlsx, .pptx.
  • Meetings — WebEx and GoToMeeting offer apps to log into meetings or webinars from anywhere anytime.
  • Scanning — If you need to scan information for a meeting and e-mail or store it, TurboScan, Genius Scan PDF Scanner, and Scanner Pro give you the ability to handle multiple page documents in a flash.
  • Social Media — Facebook Pages Manager, LinkedIn, and HootSuite give you the flexibility to post information and answer your social media contacts from your device.
  • Storage — Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive are great resources for file storage that is easily accessible from any device.
  • Locators — Find My Friends and Glympse are GPS locater apps so you can keep tabs on coworkers, buddies, even your teenager!
  • >Payment apps — Pay with Square, Intuit and PayPal help you accept credit card payments everywhere.
  • Parking — Parker, Parking Mate, and ParkMobile guide you to an open parking spot in seconds so you won’t miss that important client meeting.

What's left? I'm sure you can think of something and when you do, try a search in the app store of your choice. Search for terms like "reading" to find the Nook or Kindle applications and break into a new book. Anything you dream up... Yep, there’s an app for that!

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