Wireless network vulnerabilities

Do you use your laptop for business? Do you use wireless hotspots to connect to the Internet? Check out these three quick tips to keep you safe wherever you may roam.

1. Secure your Wi-Fi connection at the office and at home. Most people are careful about connecting to secure networks these days, but haven’t given much thought to the two wireless networks they use most. Even at work or home, connecting to an open Wi-Fi network can be harmful because you have no protection from malicious attacks online. Make sure your connections have WPA, WPA2 protection or more and a secure password to keep unwanted traffic off of your connections.

2. Turn off the feature that allows you to automatically connect to open Wi-Fi networks on your phone and laptop. Otherwise, you could be connecting to and disconnecting from Wi-Fi networks at every stop light on your way to work exposing your devices to security risks you could take right into the office.

3. Update your devices regularly and use antivirus protection. You wouldn’t leave the house without your shoes, right? So, don’t leave your devices bare either. Equip your phone with the latest patches and fixes using updates and keep your computer safe with antivirus protection and regular maintenance to avoid infections and theft.

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