Soggy statistics driving down your marketing efforts?

Every marketing campaign requires measurable results to gauge the return on your investment (ROI). Try using a dedicated phone number for each marketing campaign to see what works.

What’s driving phone calls? As a business owner, you need to know which advertising initiatives really work. But sometimes it’s difficult to track where your calls or visitors come from. Many businesses ask, “How did you hear about our company?” Does this really work? Sure, if everyone asks every single time someone calls; but consistency is key and it may not be realistic. What if you could track the call information without even asking?

The missing piece of the conversion puzzle. Utilizing Mongoose Metrics’ Accutrack 1:1 call tracking solution, companies are able to track individual advertisement initiatives, including online, print media and even radio ads. With this software, companies are able to track caller ID, call length, time, geo-location and have access to full recordings of each and every phone call. By tracking each and every call, companies are able to effectively measure the return on investment for each advertising initiative. takes the mystery out of call tracking by providing reliable, clear and actionable data that allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and ultimately increase your ROI.

Sounds really expensive, right? Wrong! Mongoose Metrics offers services for every marketing budget. Costs for implementing the product can vary, but prices start around $150 a month.

To evaluate the level of service for your needs, contact a Business Development Manager at Mongoose Metrics today! (877) 473-1008

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