Can You Really Get Microsoft Office For Just $6 A Month?

Recently, Microsoft announced a real “game changer” for the IT industry and something that may mean the demise of the $62 billion-dollar company‟s stronghold on the desktop. What is it? Office 365, which is their new cloud computing answer to Google Apps. Instead of paying $300 per license, you can now access the entire Office suite of products via the Internet for $6 to $24 per month (like paying for a utility).

What Is “Cloud Computing”

Cloud computing or “going to the cloud” is very similar to the concept of paying for electricity as a utility rather than purchasing and running your own generator to power your home or office. Public utilities can provide a cheap, reliable, “pay as you go” service to anyone wanting water or power. Similarly, cloud computing means that the cost of hosting, securing and delivering services (like Office) is owned by the utility company (in this case, Microsoft).

Is This A Smart Move?

The cost savings with Office 365 are hard to ignore; however, there are a number of things to consider before you jump ship to cloud computing. You need to consider the reliability of your Internet connection, what type of help desk support you want, security, what other applications (accounting, CRM, line of business applications, etc.) you need and which devices (scanners, printers, iPads) you need to use. Many people also have concerns about security and where their data is kept – all things that need to be addressed before you move to the cloud.

Free “Cloud Readiness” Assessment Will Give You The Facts

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