But I Have A Backup…That Means I’m Okay, Right?

Wrong! E-mail archiving is not the same as conventional e-mail backups. Backups only enable you…

…to restore your e-mail servers to a previous point in time in the event of a disaster. An e-mail archive (unlike a backup) is indexed and searchable, which means you can find e-mail communications based upon various criteria, such as date, subject, sender or receiver address, attached files, or any combination of the above.

Aside from the legal issues, e-mail archiving just makes sense. Murphy’s law dictates that you’ll need an e-mail the minute you per-manently delete it; that’s why it’s smart to archive your inbox. Plus, it will make searching your inbox infinitely faster (not to mention easi-er) AND prevent your inbox from getting so overblown that it stops working due to file size limitations.

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